Just Dare To Be You✨


We are sitting on the edge of time and space, where the death of one thing makes way for the birthing of anew. Now more then ever is the time to just Dare To Be You! With 17 days left in 2016 what will you begin today, work on, or complete as you close out this year strong? Each moment that we are given is a chance to plant seeds for the harvest we are to reap in due season. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Be one of the few, that taps into, the limitless power of birthing anew.

We must continue to ask ourselves what we can do in order to create the highest life that we can possibly live while on planet earth? As you go about your day today take a moment just to BE and receive divine insight and revelation that is readily available to you. Let your WILL be great as to yield transformation in your life. There is an abundance for all to live abundantly if we so choose. The thing is not all will CHOOSE LIFE.

You are the only ONE who can be YOU, so embrace WHO and WHOs you are! You were made different for a reason. Time out for trying to fit in with society’s standards of who you are supposed to be. Tap into your gifts, purpose, and destiny. You are on the brink of something supernatural if you would only take that first step, keep faith, and DO THE WORK. Yes, it gets uncomfortable and unsettling at times BUT if you can find it WITHIN you to persevere and stay the course you will come back into REMEMBRANCE that you had what it takes the WHOLE time. So get up, brush your self off, bounce ya shoulders, and walk into the glory that awaits you. ENDURE ENDURE ENDURE for you shall reap bountifully if you press on.



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