2016 Reflection

As we are in the final month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar system that we follow, now is a time of great reflection and pause. As I reflect on my experiences throughout the entirety of this year it has been a season of growing and stretching. I believe that I have accomplished everything that I’ve desired to in this last 11 months. With 29 days left there is only one other thing I still have on my success list and that’s to have my book published and ready for purchase. I’m well on my way through fulfilling this goal.

In 2016 I spoke to students all across the world. I graduated from Howard University with a B.S. In Psychology (magna cum laude) despite the odds of financial struggle!! I traveled to 3 Countries; Brazil, Jamaica, and South Africa. Which were are absolutely AMAZING. I have a heart for travel and I come even more alive when I do so. There have been many mini feats throughout the year as well that have ultimately yielded me great opportunities and exposure.

As I continue to flow through this season of preparation I am evermore enthusiastic about 2017! I know that my time is being made ripe and I am rising with the remanat. It’s time to go higher and ascend. There is always moments that we should reflect and take time to celebrate our victories. I thank the Most High for keeping me through it all over the course of 2016. My next move will be my best move yet!


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