Triumphant Risings

img_3227Triumphant Risings  beautiful people!  I pray that you are enjoying this time with those you love most. As we take time to embrace our family and friends let’s remember to appreciate them every day. It is during this time that our appreciations our heightened and we are ever more aware of the love we have for those closest to us. However, when it’s time for the lights to come down, to blow out the candles, and part ways we must continue to hold on to the memories and joy that is present.

For some this is a time of pain and heartache because they are mourning the passing of a life, or have had much grief during this particular time of the year. If you know anyone that may be experiencing this call them up, send them a text or email. Let them know that they are not alone. Showing someone support could be the very thing that pushes them to keep holding on.

I am utterly grateful for my core circle of influence that continues to Speak life into me and support my visions. Special shoutout to my Mama who inspires me and motivates me! With 6 more days left in the year begin to plan now. What is it that you can do in these next few days that will propel you into your future? As you plant those seeds in due season you shall reap the harvest.

Much love family!


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