Triumphant Risings

img_3227Triumphant Risings  beautiful people!  I pray that you are enjoying this time with those you love most. As we take time to embrace our family and friends let’s remember to appreciate them every day. It is during this time that our appreciations our heightened and we are ever more aware of the love we have for those closest to us. However, when it’s time for the lights to come down, to blow out the candles, and part ways we must continue to hold on to the memories and joy that is present.

For some this is a time of pain and heartache because they are mourning the passing of a life, or have had much grief during this particular time of the year. If you know anyone that may be experiencing this call them up, send them a text or email. Let them know that they are not alone. Showing someone support could be the very thing that pushes them to keep holding on.

I am utterly grateful for my core circle of influence that continues to Speak life into me and support my visions. Special shoutout to my Mama who inspires me and motivates me! With 6 more days left in the year begin to plan now. What is it that you can do in these next few days that will propel you into your future? As you plant those seeds in due season you shall reap the harvest.

Much love family!


Just Dare To Be You✨


We are sitting on the edge of time and space, where the death of one thing makes way for the birthing of anew. Now more then ever is the time to just Dare To Be You! With 17 days left in 2016 what will you begin today, work on, or complete as you close out this year strong? Each moment that we are given is a chance to plant seeds for the harvest we are to reap in due season. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Be one of the few, that taps into, the limitless power of birthing anew.

We must continue to ask ourselves what we can do in order to create the highest life that we can possibly live while on planet earth? As you go about your day today take a moment just to BE and receive divine insight and revelation that is readily available to you. Let your WILL be great as to yield transformation in your life. There is an abundance for all to live abundantly if we so choose. The thing is not all will CHOOSE LIFE.

You are the only ONE who can be YOU, so embrace WHO and WHOs you are! You were made different for a reason. Time out for trying to fit in with society’s standards of who you are supposed to be. Tap into your gifts, purpose, and destiny. You are on the brink of something supernatural if you would only take that first step, keep faith, and DO THE WORK. Yes, it gets uncomfortable and unsettling at times BUT if you can find it WITHIN you to persevere and stay the course you will come back into REMEMBRANCE that you had what it takes the WHOLE time. So get up, brush your self off, bounce ya shoulders, and walk into the glory that awaits you. ENDURE ENDURE ENDURE for you shall reap bountifully if you press on.


2016 Reflection

As we are in the final month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar system that we follow, now is a time of great reflection and pause. As I reflect on my experiences throughout the entirety of this year it has been a season of growing and stretching. I believe that I have accomplished everything that I’ve desired to in this last 11 months. With 29 days left there is only one other thing I still have on my success list and that’s to have my book published and ready for purchase. I’m well on my way through fulfilling this goal.

In 2016 I spoke to students all across the world. I graduated from Howard University with a B.S. In Psychology (magna cum laude) despite the odds of financial struggle!! I traveled to 3 Countries; Brazil, Jamaica, and South Africa. Which were are absolutely AMAZING. I have a heart for travel and I come even more alive when I do so. There have been many mini feats throughout the year as well that have ultimately yielded me great opportunities and exposure.

As I continue to flow through this season of preparation I am evermore enthusiastic about 2017! I know that my time is being made ripe and I am rising with the remanat. It’s time to go higher and ascend. There is always moments that we should reflect and take time to celebrate our victories. I thank the Most High for keeping me through it all over the course of 2016. My next move will be my best move yet!

A remnant rising…

I am guilty of being a bit naive at times and believing that people have the ability or capacity to do things in light, love, and truth. Well I believe that the ability is there but the WILL is the major key that’s missing. Everyone truly isn’t concerned with living their HIGHEST life because they are caught up in this vicious cycle of society/worldly idols that has NO LOVE for them. “My people die and suffer for a lack of knowledge” is one of the truest statements my ears have ever been blessed with.

I just want my people to relearn how to ban together and uplift one another like those of our ancestors. We have so many people trying to be Chiefs and simply not enough Indians. Many are called but few are CHOSEN! Simply answering the call can distinguish the called and the chosen. The phone may ring but if you don’t answer it then how can you say you’ve dedicated your life to the truth? Know that the world will hate those who make the conscious and fearless decision to pick up when they get that ring. Trust and believe that.

Often there are individuals who think they are doing you a good deed or service with “trying to show you the way” but it can be more of a detriment if they themselves ain’t right within. I pray to The Most High that every unfiltered and dark place of my life would be filtered and shine with light when it comes time for me to transition higher. We all are still a work in progress! Today as I reflected after a fellow Black woman thought she was doing me justice in a situation I wondered what has the time come to where as Black people specifically we don’t know how to guide in a loving way. When will we stop living our lives for others and live for US. Man if it’s one thing I’m passionate about it’s my people for sure. I love my people dearly. However, we must do and be better family. We MUST for the sake of those who will have to come up in this world after we are merely parts of dust. There is a remnant that is being raised up in this time. Let your life be a portion of the remnant that is rising.


If there is a WILL there is a WAY!

Yesterday morning as I laid in bed setting forth my intentions for the day one thought that was in the forefront of my mind is how I was going to acquire the funds in order to pay for my 4 grad school apps, send my test scores and transcripts by my Dec. 1 deadline. As I contemplated it dawned on me that “we have not because we ask not” so I decided to go to a few local barbershops and salons in efforts to share my story and raise some funds. I will admit I was a bit nervous but my desire to continue on with my higher education far outweighed my pride.

The first stop I made was to was Platinum Cuts Barbershop. As I walked into the room and all eyes turned to me the words begin to roll out. After I had given my pitch there was a pause and soon I saw the first gentleman reaching into his pocket to see what he had to give, then another, and another. The owner says to me, “wish you all the best go down to my next shop next door.” I walked to the next 3 shops attached. The second shop gave such a large donation I decided to share a poem with them that led to exchanging of information on local opportunities to perform. After I walked back to the car feeling a bit more confident.

I stopped at a couple of salons on my way to Next Level Barbershop. I gave my pitch and the donations came rolling in and the words of encouragement and support filled my ear gates. At the end of my short but fulfilling 45min journey I counted what I had collected. A whomping $112 had been donated towards my grad school applications! Enough to cover the cost of my first two applications. I soon after deposited all but $1 into my account (I had reached my bill capacity at $111). Coincidence, I think not. Sometimes it’s the small feits that mean the most in battle.

As I opened my wallet today and saw that $1 poking out I was reminded that there truly is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it. I’m not ashamed nor am I dismayed instead I am ever confident and inspired to keep pressing upward and onward. As I hit the submit button on my first grad school application this morning I felt a sense of courage and pride knowing that I am doing what I have dreamed of many years ago. I am challenging the odds that have been stacked against me. I am conqueroring life’s mountains one single thought, one single step, and one single will at a time! Know that just as I am you can too. To all the folks who may be reading this blog post who donated to the cause (I passed out hand written thank you notes with the link to my blog so they could follow the journey) I say THANK YOU once again. You are the real MVP!

If you are reading this and have been inspired to help fund my grad school applications you can support by donating Here or by clicking the dot at the top of my blog next to the IG icon. Know that God steady providing on my behalf. If all you can do is send up a prayer Bless you!

34 days left in 2016, make each day count family. How you gonna act? The race is not given to the swift nor the battle to the mighty but to those who can endure till the end.


Journey to Dr. Tri

Ever since I can remember I’ve desired to have the credentials of Doctor attached to my name. As a recent graduate from Howard I began to second guess this desire I had carried with me for so long. Maybe it was the late nights, or the financial burden that deterred me from continuing on. However, I must hold fast to the Vision.

Maybe you are like me and lost sight of the end goal for a brief moment. Whatever the case may be whether it’s continuing your education, writing your book, getting your license, applying for your passport, or simply self care things. Don’t continue to delay what you can begin to achieve today. With this being said I am well on my way to completing my masters program applications for grad school. I initially wanted to go straight through to a PhD program but I realized I’ll be better off not rushing the process.

So whoever you are out there that may be putting off your desires because of insecurities, doubts, or fears time to let go and soar. Great things never came from comfort zones. Nothing worthwhile will ever be easy, but it will be worth it! We have 35 days left in 2016, continue to manifest possibilities and dreams.

Day 10-Get Paid To Speak Challenge

Wow I’ve made it to the last day of the challenge! Time really does move fast. Today’s prompt is to choose a strategy to begin with as next steps of this journey.

There are two that really stuck out to me that could be very beneficial to me and that’s usually my contacts to align me in Speaking and also hosting my own event. Using these two tips would help propel me in getting paid to speak.

I am so grateful that I finished through these past 10 days. Now the real work begins!