Royalty Steppers 👑

Wow it’s hard to believe that I’ve been coaching a dynamic group of young Queens for nearly 6 months and our time together has now come to a close. On April 14th we competed in the 3rd Annual Stomp The Violence Competition in Columbia, SC placing 3rd in the Middle school division. Our team in comprised of half Elementary and half Middle needless to say, they did extremely well for their first big competition!!! The entire audience was moved and motivated, left us with a standing ovation.

It has been such a joy to not only coach but serve as a mentor to these beautiful young Spirits. As much as I have taught them they have each taught me something of great value through the essence of their character. I am so proud to say the very least. They have grown tremendously and surely will be a force to be reckoned with.

In life it’s not so much of the how much you spend but how much of an impact you make in the lives of others. My girls will forever know that they are worth the best, deserve the best, and can achieve their very best! The Royalty Steppers came to uplift, inspire and educate through the nature of our performances. Mediocrity was never an option, excellence is always the aim.

Check out our performance by clicking the link above and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We appreciate your love and support!


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