Take Flight

IMG_0117If someone had told me 4 years ago that I would be returning to South Africa for the 3rd time this year I really don’t know if I would believe them. I probably would have known it could be possible but to have it actualized would be another thing. As I approach the time for my 3month departure from the US I am ever so humbled for the Blessings that have bestowed upon me.

It is not merely by my doings but the prayer, faith and resources of a community of people who believe in me. As my gap year comes to a rapid close and I prepare to embark on a 2 year journey into a Masters program in a Community Psychology I am preparing myself for the marvelous things to come. We must continue walk in a Spirit of expectancy of the very best for ourselves and living our Highest life.

Having the opportunity to travel the world including 4 continents and 8 countries I am eternally grateful for such authentic and naturally raw life experiences. It is one of my favorite pass time to travel, explore and connect with people all around the globe. I remember dreaming of this as a kid. Now I am living the dream and growing along the process each day. It is miraculous how dreams are manifested and made true.

I give thanks to the Most High for always leading me, for my ancestors who paved the way, to my Mom and community who continue to support me, and to Self for not being afraid to trust. It is a joy to say I am living and not merely existing. To love and be loved. Take flight is more than about getting on a plane to the next destination, but to rise and stand up. To do something you always imagined or never even thought of. Take flight and grab hold of what is your future!


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