Thinking of a Master plan…🎓📜


As I take this sabbath to reflect on the past and prepare for the future I am in awe and humbled at the level of elevation that God is doing in and through my life. This journey by far has not been an easy one but it sure has been worth it. Just a few days ago I finalized my decision to attend Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in the fall for a Masters in Community Psychology. This was my number one program of choice and I am thrilled and blessed at the network I have already established without even setting foot on campus.

I applied to three Masters program in which was a struggle in itself due to the fact at the time I simply did not have the funds for my applications. However, with faith and perseverance I was able to raise the funds in time and submit my applications. As I waited for monthsss on the decisions I remained positive and hopeful that I would be accepted. I applied to FAMU-Community Psychology program, University of Maryland College Park- International Education Policy program, and Harvard- School Leadership program.

Needless to say, I will be entering into a dynamic program that I know was designed for me to attend. The Community Psychology program at FAMU is the only of its kind, having a Black Psychology and multicultural mental health emphasis. My aim has always been to receive my Phd and become a psychologists that would make a difference in my community, communities nation wide and of course internationally as well. I am yet one step closer to this dream becoming a reality.

As I share this victory it is my hope to inspire you to never give up on your visions. I am no outlier or causality in this matter, but merely a result of what thought plus action and faith looks like. There were times during this gap year when I felt inadequate to apply, or felt that there simply was no need. However, that faint voice of determination kept pushing me through saying “You are worth it, you can do it, you got this.”

Let me tell you when I applied just a week prior my account was nearly $2,000 in the negative, back at home, lost and confused, but not defeated. This Masters program is much more than a degree for me. This is a building block to furthering the good work that is so necessary in this time. As I gather the tools to equip myself to be an educated change agent in the field of psychology this degree will be for all those who ever felt like giving up, or that they could not bear to go on. We are limitless in nature and must break free from the confinements of this world.

Im thinking of a Master plan… #BlackLivesMatter #MentalHealthMatters #BeTheChange #Ubuntu



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