Write Your Future

Wow, what a beautiful day it has been! When you love what you do work never feels like work. Instead it is invigorating and has you excited to rise each morning. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the 8th grade leadership class at my old middle school. It was amazing to be able to give back and speak life into the youth of our future.

I was greeted with smiles and wide eyes enthusiastic to listen and engage. As I shared with them my journey throughout the years I felt such overwhelming joy to have the opportunity to reach back and inspire the next generation of leaders. The fact that I was able to go back to my old stomping ground where I received education 8 years prior was truly humbling.

The students were so charged when they entered the space and upon leaving I believe they were given a spark to ignite the fire within. As we affirmed who we are and what we would will into the future each of us were given an ounce more of courage and hope to walk with our heads held high. In this new season of change it is essential that we are grounded in ourselves and rooted in the Truth.

Today marks my first speaking engagement of 2017 and we are only moving to higher ground from here! This is what I love, this is my passion, I will not stop for my work must continue as long as I have breath in my body. With each breath we breathe we should spend those moments on the path of living our highest life. So today, write your future! Sign your book with excellence.


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