“Life for me ain’t never been no crystal stair”


In Langston Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son” he reminisces on words spoken to him. Through the many woes of life these words ring loud in each line of this poem. Although times may get rough it is in those moments especially, to give thanks and rejoice for breakthrough is near. As we have just entered into a new season we must keep our heads held high. 2017 is no different from any other year. However, YOU are the one that makes the difference in your life.

You may be wanting to do something new in your life in order to produce new results in your life. Well begin today! Each moment we are given unlimited access to plant positive seeds. As we clean out our space making way for the new let’s do it filled with truth, joy, love, and light. Although “life for me ain’t never been no crystal stair” we must continue to rise family. With each breath we breathe we have within us to take just one more step upward. As we go INward we emPOWER ourselves to go ONward.


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