A remnant rising…

I am guilty of being a bit naive at times and believing that people have the ability or capacity to do things in light, love, and truth. Well I believe that the ability is there but the WILL is the major key that’s missing. Everyone truly isn’t concerned with living their HIGHEST life because they are caught up in this vicious cycle of society/worldly idols that has NO LOVE for them. “My people die and suffer for a lack of knowledge” is one of the truest statements my ears have ever been blessed with.

I just want my people to relearn how to ban together and uplift one another like those of our ancestors. We have so many people trying to be Chiefs and simply not enough Indians. Many are called but few are CHOSEN! Simply answering the call can distinguish the called and the chosen. The phone may ring but if you don’t answer it then how can you say you’ve dedicated your life to the truth? Know that the world will hate those who make the conscious and fearless decision to pick up when they get that ring. Trust and believe that.

Often there are individuals who think they are doing you a good deed or service with “trying to show you the way” but it can be more of a detriment if they themselves ain’t right within. I pray to The Most High that every unfiltered and dark place of my life would be filtered and shine with light when it comes time for me to transition higher. We all are still a work in progress! Today as I reflected after a fellow Black woman thought she was doing me justice in a situation I wondered what has the time come to where as Black people specifically we don’t know how to guide in a loving way. When will we stop living our lives for others and live for US. Man if it’s one thing I’m passionate about it’s my people for sure. I love my people dearly. However, we must do and be better family. We MUST for the sake of those who will have to come up in this world after we are merely parts of dust. There is a remnant that is being raised up in this time. Let your life be a portion of the remnant that is rising.



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