If there is a WILL there is a WAY!

Yesterday morning as I laid in bed setting forth my intentions for the day one thought that was in the forefront of my mind is how I was going to acquire the funds in order to pay for my 4 grad school apps, send my test scores and transcripts by my Dec. 1 deadline. As I contemplated it dawned on me that “we have not because we ask not” so I decided to go to a few local barbershops and salons in efforts to share my story and raise some funds. I will admit I was a bit nervous but my desire to continue on with my higher education far outweighed my pride.

The first stop I made was to was Platinum Cuts Barbershop. As I walked into the room and all eyes turned to me the words begin to roll out. After I had given my pitch there was a pause and soon I saw the first gentleman reaching into his pocket to see what he had to give, then another, and another. The owner says to me, “wish you all the best go down to my next shop next door.” I walked to the next 3 shops attached. The second shop gave such a large donation I decided to share a poem with them that led to exchanging of information on local opportunities to perform. After I walked back to the car feeling a bit more confident.

I stopped at a couple of salons on my way to Next Level Barbershop. I gave my pitch and the donations came rolling in and the words of encouragement and support filled my ear gates. At the end of my short but fulfilling 45min journey I counted what I had collected. A whomping $112 had been donated towards my grad school applications! Enough to cover the cost of my first two applications. I soon after deposited all but $1 into my account (I had reached my bill capacity at $111). Coincidence, I think not. Sometimes it’s the small feits that mean the most in battle.

As I opened my wallet today and saw that $1 poking out I was reminded that there truly is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it. I’m not ashamed nor am I dismayed instead I am ever confident and inspired to keep pressing upward and onward. As I hit the submit button on my first grad school application this morning I felt a sense of courage and pride knowing that I am doing what I have dreamed of many years ago. I am challenging the odds that have been stacked against me. I am conqueroring life’s mountains one single thought, one single step, and one single will at a time! Know that just as I am you can too. To all the folks who may be reading this blog post who donated to the cause (I passed out hand written thank you notes with the link to my blog so they could follow the journey) I say THANK YOU once again. You are the real MVP!

If you are reading this and have been inspired to help fund my grad school applications you can support by donating Here or by clicking the dot at the top of my blog next to the IG icon. Know that God steady providing on my behalf. If all you can do is send up a prayer Bless you!

34 days left in 2016, make each day count family. How you gonna act? The race is not given to the swift nor the battle to the mighty but to those who can endure till the end.



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