Journey to Dr. Tri

Ever since I can remember I’ve desired to have the credentials of Doctor attached to my name. As a recent graduate from Howard I began to second guess this desire I had carried with me for so long. Maybe it was the late nights, or the financial burden that deterred me from continuing on. However, I must hold fast to the Vision.

Maybe you are like me and lost sight of the end goal for a brief moment. Whatever the case may be whether it’s continuing your education, writing your book, getting your license, applying for your passport, or simply self care things. Don’t continue to delay what you can begin to achieve today. With this being said I am well on my way to completing my masters program applications for grad school. I initially wanted to go straight through to a PhD program but I realized I’ll be better off not rushing the process.

So whoever you are out there that may be putting off your desires because of insecurities, doubts, or fears time to let go and soar. Great things never came from comfort zones. Nothing worthwhile will ever be easy, but it will be worth it! We have 35 days left in 2016, continue to manifest possibilities and dreams.


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