Day 9- Get Paid To Speak Challenge

Today’s prompt is to reflect in my life and share my Hero’s Journey Story.

My biggest hero is my Mama. As I reflect now as I do often I am truly grateful for the many sacrifices that were made in order for me to dare to believe I could/can achieve my wildest dreams. My mother is a true maverick of her time and a divine exemplar of a Queen building her Queendom.

Reared in a world and environment full of low vibrations and complacency she persevered to create a better life. That’s just it she realized that she in fact had/has the power to CREATE the life she desires. This simple point has separated her from the majority of those who she was surrounded by growing up. I admire her strength and tenacity to endure even when she felt alone. There is great manifestation power in taking charge in the creation of our present reality. My hero has shown me that “your environment can influence your behavior but it doesn’t have to dictate your destiny.”


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