Day 7- Get Paid To Speak Challenge

Today’s prompt is what can I sell to my ideal client? What do I have for a prospect to help them in their next steps?

I am currently in the process of publishing my first book! It is a 40 day affirmation book that is geared towards guiding individuals to affirm their rising each day for 40days. Doing this for 40 days will thus make it a In going habit. Often times we wake up and simply go about our day but, I have noticed that when I speak life over my day I usually have better results. It’s not to say that things don’t still come up but I have a different reaction because I’ve affirmed my intentions for the day. This, my perspective is different when something seemingly “bad” or a “set back” occurs. I know that it’s merely meant to build me in a greater way.

I am thrilled about my soon to be published and ready for purchase 40day affirmation book! It was birthed during a time of affliction and pain and I am confident it will bless the lives of many across the globe! My goal is to have it ready for purchase by December 17, 2016 in order for people to have it in time to begin the first 40 days in 2017.


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