Day 2-Get Paid To Speak Challenge

Today’s prompt is “I’m ready to strengthen…”

As I reflect on the past two months there have been many things to occurre in my life. Through the woes and joy I would say that I am ready to strengthen my action. Having a stronger system of implementation would definitely help propel me on achieving the success I desire in my business. Lately it has been revealed to me that I was put through a season of hearing “No” in order to be placed in the right position for my “Yes.”

I am in a season of learning to love the no as much as I love the yes because I know that all things are working for my Highest good. Now I must strengthen my actions in such a greater way. I have been doing the work but it’s time to step it up a notch. The test that I’ve been receiving have all been rigorous to say the least but as I stand strong I rejoice in knowing that trouble doesn’t last always and this too shall pass. So now my actions must match my mindset and plans. I am encouraged in this time!


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