Day 1: Get Paid to Speak Challenge

img_3133Today is day 1 of the 10 day Get Paid to Speak challenge and the prompt for today is “Here is what makes me AWESOME.”

Every since I was a young girl I dreamed of traveling the world, encouraging people, writing many books, and speaking to many people. My mom use to always tell me, “the world is yours baby girl go get it!” I did just that. I set a goal to travel outside of the country every year when I entered college and every year that goal has been met. What makes me awesome is that I set goals and I work diligently to achieve them. I was reflecting this morning and it hit me that a year ago I wished to have a blog that I could share with the world. 6months ago that dream became a reality. Now I’m blogging and sharing more then ever! That truly made me happy this morning reminiscing on how this once was merely a hope now it has happened.

In this season I keep reminding myself “not to get weary in well doing.” It can be very uncomfortable at times and just seems like it’s too much to handle but I hold fast to the promises that shall be fulfilled. I find courage in knowing that all those who came before me had to fight and stive to make it to where they desired to be. The work never ceases. The tests that I am facing now are building my testimony. It is not by my own might that I am here today but with the help of the One whom created me that lives within. Thus, I have everything WITHIN that I need in order to succeed in this life. That’s what makes me AWESOME!

Let me know what makes you AWESOME.


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