Celebrating ONE year!

img_3132Today marks One year since I haven’t eaten meat! I feel evermore Alive!!! When I made the decision a year ago today I can still remember like it was yesterday the last bite of chicken I took… whewww it was delicious too haha. However, months prior I had already been transitioning my mind, body and Spirit for the shift in my daily dietary habits. How many of you know that what you put into your body doesn’t just affect the physical but every single aspect of your being?  Many people ask me, “how did you do it?”

For myself I knew I wasn’t one of those people who could quit cold turkey meaning just stop out of no where. I knew that was a set up for disaster for myself. Instead I began slowly winning myself off of meat in the spring of 2015. Let me just say “I’m from the south born in SC reared in NC in those places we eat EVERYTHING.” Trust me although I’m fit and petite I have a hefty appetite but with fasting and training my body I know have gained more control and getting my body back to a natural and wholistic state. One day I finally made the conscious decision to remove pork from my diet completely. Once I got comfortable with that I removed red meats, eventually I was only eating chicken and fish. This is still very good for those who feel like they just MUST have some type of meat in their life lol.

Anywho, after I had done that for awhile one day it just got me and I made the life changing decision to become vegetarian. That day a year ago moved me into higher ground. I am ever grateful for the decision.  I want to make it clear that you can still be “thick and fit” without eating meat. I always get comments like “girl you already skinny you need to eat some meat” or you “work out a lot you need protein from meat.” There are people been doing this for long long time now sooo I know it’s possible! Our late ancestors centuries back in fact were on mainly vegan diets (nothing from an animal) which I have been partaking in since February of this year.

Needless to say, I am grateful that I persevered through this year! I’ve been craving salmon so I may treat myself once or so a year.  🤗 As I aim to live the highest life designed for me I find strength in knowing that my health truly is my wealth.


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