Pre-work for Get Paid to Speak Challenge

img_2644On Monday I will embark on a 10 day Challenge under the leadership of one of my professors from Howard Dr. Denise Hart who will provide training on laying the foundation to Get Paid to Speak and radically grow my business. I am excited to begin this new journey! Today’s pre-work is answering the prompt ” Here’s what motivates me to shake up the status quo and make a meaningful difference in the world.”

As one who aspires to be a world renowned transformational speaker I find great motivation in knowing that I am/ was able to bring insight, joy, and positivity to people all across the globe. I have a soft spot for the youth and they fuel me to keep pushing even when I may feel depleted or lost. Knowing that there are bright and brilliant young people around the world who truly value and respect the work thy I do for/ with them helps to maintain a flow of shaking up the status quo.

As I continue to aim to spread light and love it is young boys and girls like this young King pictured here with me from the Hills of Jamaica who inspire me each day. Often times we go into things knowing and wanting to give so much but end up gaining even greater then we imagined. Today I lift up all the youth through the nations who look to the future with one day being the same beacon of hope that someone once was for them.


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