Peace family,

Its been such a pleasure sharing my experiences and thoughts with you all over the past few months.We are going on 6 months in less then two weeks! As we continue to plant seeds, spread light and love, and encourage it is my hope that we give others the motivation to do so as well by first being the example. Thus, knowing that we are royalty and acting as such we unleash the manifestation power for all things royal to flow our way!

We are on the brink of something revolutionary and it’s our responsibility to live our HIGHEST life. I don’t know about you but I come to take back ERRYTHANG that belongs to me that has been mishandled for generations and generations. I’m getting it ALL, NO JOKES. For centuries we have been handed only the leftovers, time out for that. I’m taking my royalties and investing.

Many are at a time where they want to build with that special someone. Trust me I feel ya, however if you begin to shift your focus to build the Kingdom and your temple that someone will find YOU. I want to be ready when my King arrives so I’m preparing myself daily. Whether you are waiting for your Queen or King know that you must first build your Kingdom or Queendom for that matter. It’s time family, let’s build!


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