Are you troubleshooting the wrong issue?


As I sit and try to figure out why my laptop won’t connect to the wifi when it was just connected a couple hours ago I realized something. Here I am trying to get work done and I’m faced with a slight challenge. As I spent over a hour trying to resolve the issue I began to analyze the situation and understand a lesson from it. I mean there must be a lesson in this right? HAS TO BE.

The work that I really need to focus on at the moment doesn’t require internet usage however, I simply want to be connected just in case. With several failed attempts I have finally laid it to rest for the night. My true focus should be on the work that doesn’t require any wifi connection at the present time. Often times we want to be connected with people, places, or things but it’s simply not the right timing. As I finally decided to leave it be for the time I realized that I could have been spending that time working towards my other tasks instead of allowing this one issue to consume my thoughts. That made me question how much time do we spend troubleshooting the wrong issue? At times when we should be focused on the tasks that are right before us that we are equipped and ready to tackle we may divert to other things that are less important in that moment.

I realized that I have everything I need in order to do what I must in this very time and space. Regardless of the issue you may be facing you have everything you need in order to complete what you must in this moment. Yes distractions, set backs and road blocks may arise but they don’t have the power to take control unless we allow them. So ask yourself “am I troubleshooting the wrong issue?” If so, redirect your focus and gain back your power RIGHT NOW! These issues won’t hold us back. We are more than conquerors.


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