Learn to love the test…


If there is anyone out there who is in a similar season of transition in their life then you may be experiencing a plethora of test. It may seem like “if it’s not one thing it’s another.” One thing ends then the next thing begins. It is in these moments that we must rejoice and give thanks because we are being tested in order to move to the next level. There has never been any type of promotion to a higher level without first being faced with a test. You can get a glimpse of where you are headed by the weight of the test you may be experiencing, have experienced, or entering into.

Although it can be uncomfortable, test are vital and an essential aspect to our elevation. I know it can be tough at times but if you have realized that you continue to encounter the same test in life it could possibly mean that you have yet to pass that specific test in your life. When we are faced with test it’s in preparation to dress us for the next level we are being placed in. Anytime we dare to say we are world changers, nation builders,  global leaders, healers etc as the Apostle who inspired this blog post stated, “we should expect all test to be advanced placement.” The greater the vision, the greater the test.

However, we should learn to love the test. In loving the test we change our perspective because we know and understand that we are being built for something greater. Testing season should be a time of gratitude. So as we all continue on our journey let’s embrace the test that come and learn to love them. Knowing that we were called for such a time as this.


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