Day 9- Location Independence

At this moment I cannot pinpoint an exact location that I want to be in for a month. There are many places I desire to go and that are on my list. I guess to narrow it down I would say somewhere in East Africa.

The way I would balance adventure and work is by setting a time each day to get work done or incorporate my work in my adventure. I so desperately yearn to be back into the world of travel. I know that I’m travel a portion of my purpose and destiny is being fulfilled.

Every since I have returned back to Amerika there has been many test coming my way. However, through it all I am in eternal peace because I know that this too shall pass. I am being prepared for where the Most Hugh is taking me next. My reaction to situations are being recorded.

Until I meet the journey of travel again I patiently await and I prepare. Through it all we must continue to have faith and know that all things are working for our good. Regardless of how it looks in the physical, we are made for such a time as this.


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