Day 8- Choosing Your Adventure


Day 8 and I am currently at a lost for words. With these recent happenings in life my heart aches at this moment in time. I wish there was an adventure that I could go on where my people aren’t wrongfully killed and left in the streets. I wish there was an adventure I could go on where the deep rooted racism that exist would cease and liberation for my people was truly obtained.

I try to create solutions in my mind on how  to bring about change in this time. I ask myself where do I stand in the course of history that is currently being written. I’ve been blessed to experience many adventures in my short 22 years here on earth. However, on today I simply take an adventure through my soul. I ask myself how have I improved from yesterday. How can I take part in tranforming the minds of my people?

Its so easy to want this all to dissipate but the harsh reality is that it’s not that easy. It’s systematic and frankly it’s going to take a lot of work and faith. I mourn for my lost brothers and sisters. It’s time to take an adventure to elevate minds, educate the people, and eliminate darkness by shining our lights wherever we go.


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