Day 7- Beating Procrastination and Overwhelm

I have a goal to publish and release my first book by my 23rd birthday. Each day I wake I know that this my goal but I haven’t taken action lately to sit and write towards it. I’m not sure what is holding me back. I think it’s as Natalie described in the video “wanting it to be perfect.” The truth of the matter is I cannot perfect what I haven’t taken action to first begin.

The imperfect action that I can take each day is making it a daily habit to write atleast 30mins towards my book for the next 30days. I’ve had this vision for awhile now and I know it can be manifested.  I simply must do my part and out in the work.

I was at a financial class a couple of years ago and the speaker said something so profound. He said, “we often create invisible dragons for ourselves before we even begin.” An invisible dragon is thoughts of doubt, apprehension, insecurities, and anything set to hold you back.

So goodbye to invisible fire breathing dragons. I must take this first step. Transforming minds begins first with the transformation of thyself. Let’s get it.


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