Day 5-Setting Yourself up for Success

I am currently working on “winning the day” as Marcus Y Rosier describes it. Paying ourselves at least $240 each day making each hour worth $100 so paying ourselves 2 hours and 40minutes each day working on enhancing our gifts etc. I am in the process of actively giving myself 2 hours and 40mins each day to promote the things I am passionate about. This, leading me to a truly Freedom lifestyle.

I believe that wealth is health so atleast 30minutes of that time would be spent with some physical activity. 30minutes writing my book. 30minutes working on my marketing strategies. 30 minutes reading and expanding my mind. 10minutes in meditation, and 30minutes with God. That’s what winning the day looks like to me in this present moment.

Everything is a work in progress, the important part is that we NEVER give up! We must be determined to finish the race. Regardless of the past we must look ahead to the finish line with faith. Faith compelled with action is a formula for success! Let’s take the steps today to have faith beyond the firmament. Go beyond negativity, naysayers, doubts, our ego, societal standards, or anything not meant for highest good. Now is the time!


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