Day 4-Unlocking Your Superpowers

Often we tend to dim our lights in order to make others feel comfortable. However, “it is not our duty to make others comfortable with our greatest” as stated by one of my Howard mentors. We must be fearless and confident in who we are and continue to let our lights shine in every space or arena.

My couple of my superpowers that I have discovered is the ability to network and being a true maximizer. My mother has always told me that it goes further than “what you know and who you know, but who knows you!” This is so very true and I believe that I have tapped into a level of understanding of people and how we operate. I absolutely love networking and currently have branded myself on social media around this concept.

As one who is constantly seeking truth and higher knowledge I have begun to master the maximizer role. I seek to use each opportunity and experience as one for the best possible outcome and solution. Due to my savy beliefs and ways of thinking, speaking and putting forth action I tend to always get the best results.

So anytime I need to remind myself of who I am I tap into my superpowers and know that all things are truly working for my good.


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