Day 3- Creating a Vision for Your Future

“We are told to write the vision and make it plain.” This is vital because having a thought allows us to visualize more keenly, and writing our visions down gives way for manifestation of those keen visualizations.

My perfect day:

I wake up no later then 5:30am automatically because now my body has made a habit out of waking with the day. I begin with prayer and meditate on the word of God. Giving thanks to the rising of a new day that I have on earth and with my beautiful family. It is in these divine moments that I get even closer in my spiritual walk. After my God time I write a bit for at least 30mins. Being that health is wealth I do a morning exercise whatever that may entail.

At that point it’s time to get my children ready to learn for the day and see my husband off to his work, and make sure everyone is fed and the house is in order. After everyone has began their day it’s time for me to dive into some work on my passions, gifts and talents. My day being very productive and progressive, making power moves.

By the time work is complete for the day it’s time to revert from NetworkMogul back into wife and mommy mode. Having and running several business ventures while balancing a home.  Family time is important and extremely vital. I take my children to go read outside maybe near the lake or ocean because the waters speak to us in a heavenly way. We go home and prepare dinner together and wait for daddy to come home. My husband arrives, we eat and enjoy each other’s presence. After we discuss or next family trip. We LOVE taking trips. We close out the day cleansing our temples then cuddling up for a bit. The children are put to sleep, we say our prayers and mommy and daddy continue to build towards the future.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3



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