Day 2-Discovering Your WHY


Today is day 2 of this 10 day blog challenge for me. I just signed up yesterday so I had to fit both yesterday and today in on today in order to get back on track for my next few days. The question at hand is “Why do I want to live a freedom lifestyle?” I have had many people ask me about my travels and how did these things came to be. For me I simply aim to never set limitations for myself. Some people have tried to label it as unrealistic or irrational but I know what works for me. I believe in my visions and work to manifest them into reality.

I want to live a freedom lifestyle because I am able to create and take part in chartering my course. Of course I know that God is the ultimate writer but the decision is up to me to answer the call. So I am humble and patient in the process to living a completely freedom lifestyle; spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. It’s important to view this journey holistically because life is about balance. I aim to embody holistic freedom.


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