Day 1- Finding your Focus


Peace good people,

Yesterday I signed up for this 10 day blog challenge. I’m a few days behind the actual scheduled dates however, I’m right on time. I think we often compare ourselves to the flow of other people’s life without first understanding where we are fully in the present of our own. This can be draining and make you feel depleted and defeated. The key is to find your focus and not get caught up in the hype of what everyone else is doing or saying.

Some challenges that I face are at times not feeling as though I have enough background knowledge or information to to do or perform certain tasks. I am a true optimist but there are moments that doubt try to creep in and convince me that I’m not as qualified as another. This is where I begin to speak that “if I am in this position I am places here for a reason and purpose.”  I belong here, I am supposed to be here. I start to speak life into myself in order to tell doubt that it must flee.

Another particular challenge that I face is making it a habit to rise before the sun. I can’t tell you how many months I have had my alarm set to wake between 5-6am. I can count how many times I actually have since I’ve made the concious decision to wake with the day. I know it’s a process. Let’s just say I’m still being perfected.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1



2 thoughts on “Day 1- Finding your Focus

  1. You’re right, we do too often compare ourselves to others. Everyone has different challenges in their lives and support in their lives that impacts how they show up in the world. I was pleased to know that you too were running behind on the challenge but decided to see your timing as perfect. I feel that way as well. The Am I Enough Gremlin is a big one for us all, but you’re got a good handle on that as well. I have a question, Why do you want to get up early? Great post. I’m taking this challenge too, love for you to check out my post as well.


    1. Thanks for the response. I want to get up early because Of a few reasons. One being that it would allow me to maximize my time throughout each day. Secondly, it’s a divine time to wake with the day and have quiet time and God time. Early in the morning you compete with less vibrational energy from people because majority are still asleep. These are the main two reasons. I will check out your blog as well. If you are on periscope I am scoping for each one also.


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