Don’t take meekness as weakness💯


I’ve been back in Amerika for about two days now and I must say it is a bittersweet feeling. Needless to say I patiently await to return back to the world of travel, adventure, and jet-setting. While I have had many phenonmenal experiences during my travels there were undoubtly moments that weren’t as desirable. It seems that these moments stemmed from me being a Black woman. Just simply BEING seemed to pose a threat to some individuals. One such experience was during my most recent flight from Cape Town to my layover in Qatar.

There was a group of white women on the plane being loud and rumbucious for half of the plane ride. I get up to use the bathroom because after 3 cups of wine I have to release. On my way back to my seat the women are blocking up the aisle making toast and taking shots. So I patiently wait. They look up at me and one of the women proceed to say “jump, you can jump over” another one says, “don’t you know how to jump, just jump over?” I stand there humbly not saying a word because by this time I’m truly over it. So they get up and as I walk by one says, “smile just smile, you are beautiful darling.” I don’t say a word to them because by this time they can sense I’m over the bs. It seems my energy informed them that what they were doing was rude and inconsiderate because after that for the rest of the plane ride they set in their seats and were quiet.

We finally made it to Qatar and my next flight was taking off in less then a hour but you know they close gates so I didn’t want to take any chances. Two of the ladies were sitting in front of me so I politely ask to squeeze by them so that I could stand in the aisle as to exit the plane as quickly as possible. One of the women turns and says, “why, where do you plan to go.” I respond, ” I simply want to stand in the aisle so I can leave quickly because I have a connecting flight that is leaving soon.” She says loudly, “we all have connecting flights!” So at this point she is trying to make a scene. Clearly she didn’t know who  she was speaking to. Humbly I say excuse me and brush pass them. The friend proceeds to say, “stupid, just stupid.” So they continue to call me stupid. At that moment I debate in my mind what to say or do. I turn around and say in a meek yet firm voice, ” I actually am very intelligent.” As I continue to stand tall and patiently wait to exit the plane they begin to talk about me in whatever language they spoke. I know they were only mad because prior I didn’t react the way they expected when they told me to jump. Instead I was silent and let my actions speak. They were trying to get a reaction out of me but I killed their ambitions. Therefore, they wanted to get back at me with the name calling. Funny enough I got off the plane and made my flight to Philly just in time.

For some time I pondered what had just occurred. Thoughts that ran through my head, “I should have said more, the audacity of them, why do we as Black women always face such adversities?” As I pondered I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn’t give any more energy to the situation. It was a moment in time that had passed and I know I subsequently passed the test. I began to rejoice because in that moment in the plane back to Amerika I realized that I truly have grown in so many ways over the course of these last 3 months. We often talk about living in peace and being humble but the true test is how we will react in certain circumstances. Do we actually excercise what we speak? I want to be one who is an exemplar of truly living in truth, love, and light. So please don’t take my meekness as weakness. I’m flourishing.


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