Reflections in the Cape🇿🇦💭


This past weekend was a very FILLED weekend. As my time here in Cape Town slowly comes to a close I am moved after each experience to reflect. I believe for most reflection happens naturally and flows. This past weekend I officially checked off all the things on my invisible list that I have been wanting to do while here. Finally completing the Baz Bus tour that took us all around Cape Town; stoping to view the beautiful scenes of Hout Bay while getting to see seals up close and personal, visiting Boulder Beach and viewing some interesting penguins, bike riding through the plains seeing miles and miles of gorgeous mountains and lands, stopping at Cape point and Cape of Good Hope to finish off the day.

While on these excursions one could not help but be amazed at the awe inspiring beauty of the world. On the other hand one particular experience brought me back to the harsh reality that my people across the globe are facing. This idea of white privilege and how even on the Mama continent of Africa my people face this daily. During a walk to one of the sites there was a Black mother and her two children signing on the corner. Their voices echoed in the streets, giving light and joy to those who passed by. Suddenly, a white woman that comes out from her store and shouts abruptly “excuse me you don’t do that here, you go up the road with that. NOT HERE!” The Black woman not making eye contact quickly turns to gather her belongings to move. You could feel the tension amongst the group as every slowly puts their head down in disbelief maybe, shame, or guilt. I couldn’t let it just pass though. I proceed to say to the woman and here children “you all have beautiful voices”, in which a few people in the group give verbal agreements. That night I set up thinking about, that maybe I didn’t do enough, I should have said more, maybe she and her children were hungry and I should have gave money, maybe instead I should have spoke to the white woman and told her that it’s a better way to speak to people. While all these things ran through my mind there was a bit of hope in my heart that at least in that moment I went against the grain and spoke out, although I still can’t help but feel it still wasn’t enough.

As we navigate through this life it is imperative that we take moments of pause and truly ACT on what we THINK, say and believe. This is the point where thought and action meet, two great divides merging to implement manifestation.



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