The sky isn’t the limit, it’s merely the view..

Wowwww!!! Yesterday I had the adventure of a lifetime. After being afraid of heights for a good 19years of my life I begin to take baby steps to overcoming that crippling fear. The first step was climbing the Great Wall of China in 2013, the next step was participating in a canopy walk in Ghana in 2014, the third step was climbing table mountain in 2015, and finally crossing off an item on my invisible bucket list going skydiving.

I still am coming to terms with the fact that I ACTUALLY DID IT!!! Ahhhhh… Wow who would have thought that when you truly to take action in overcoming your fears that you can most definitely do so. Like in true to life reality WE CAN OVERCOME OUR FEARS! That is so liberating and freeing to know and for me to now have it a true testimony in my life. Yesterday I did the seemingly ultimate feat. I jumped out of a plane flying highhhh (I don’t remember the height but I know it was uppp there).

I share this story with you in hopes that, you too will have the courage to take the first step to overcoming your fears whatever they may be. We were not given a spirit of fear, therefore we should live each day fearlessly. Of course still taken precaution as not to be reckless but to LIVE. To fully be in endowed in the act of LIVING and living on purpose. You too can overcome your fears. The sky isn’t the limit it is merely the view! May your view be evermore immaculate with the rising and setting of each new day.


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