Sitting on the edge of time and space..

Wooow throughout the entirety of my journey this year I have been in constant amazement at the many signs and wonders of the world. During this time many leaps of faith have been taken and fears have been conquered. It is a beautiful sight when people from all walks of life come together for a common purpose or goal. Although we each may have various beliefs and practices a collect vision can still be upheld. We are living during a pivotal time in world history and I believe that what we all do in these very moments will be written down in history for generations to come. That’s just it though.. The act of DOING and not merely just speaking. Although speaking has great power and can shift minds, at this point in time what will speak the loudest are the moves that we make, and the actions that we take. So today make the conscious decision to make lasting impressions through what you do more so than through what you say.

As we all are on our perspective journeys in life there must be a collective remeberance that in spite of where we are our work must not cease. On the other side of that it is vital that we have moments of pause in our life where we can sit and reflect and simply just BE. You don’t have to be on the edge of a mountain to see and know that there are many signs and wonders yet to be revealed to you. This can be realized through the simplest things around us each day. Through the JoyFULL laugh of a child, through the buzzing sound of a bee getting pollen from a flower, or through the rising and setting of the sun each and every day. Whatever it is signs can be noticed and wonders realized.

I charge us all to be even more aware, even more present, and even more still. We are sitting on the edge of time and space. What we do in this moment has the ability to shift the course of nations and future generations. We have the power! We are Spirit beings in this natural setting, limitations do not exist. Limitless possibilities await you!


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