Peace Be Still


As the month swiftly comes to a close I am in a state of reflection of my time spent here in Atlanta. I have learned and gained much throughtout these 4 weeks that has strengthened, stretched and encouraged me. I know one thing for certain that God has continued to cover, provide, and carry me through it all.

Leadership is an interesting dynamic of life and I believe that at some point in all of our lives we serve as the follower and leader. However, many are called but few are chosen. Whenever stepping into a new space with new individuals as a leader there are always some type of complications that must be dealt with and addressed. For me direction and purpose are key in shedding light. For individuals who are truth seekers and genuinely aim to walk in love, light, and truth it can be a bit rough when dealing with opposing forces. However, we must not be discouraged in well doing. This is where self encouragement comes in handy!

I have gained greater insight and revelation since my time here. Truth be told there is still much work to be done in our communities and we must start where we are. If nothing else seeking to know who we are for ourselves should be top priority for God is within. There is an abundance of all that we need in this life so take the time to be still, for in the midst of stillness peace that surpasses all understanding is available. Once we begin to master the art of still we will find that the same peace will flow organically in and through our lives affecting all that cross our paths.


Be still…

and KNOW that I AM…

You must know that YOU ARE the one you have been waiting for. All that you need to achieve your purpose in this life has already been bestowed upon you before the foundations of the earth.


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