Manifest Your Purpose

Today I heard a rhema word… I’ve been here in Georgia  for 10 days now and I can truly say ATL is growing on me, while I’m growing in this time and space. As much as we plan and organize we can never really know for certain the course of our life’s destiny. As one who constantly seeks to learn, love, and live I am charged to reflect on the course of my life and the experiences that have placed me where I currently stand.

As a child I remember praying to God asking for my purpose here on earth to be revealed and made clear to me. As a teen I began to walk into what God has told me for my life. Now as a young adult I am living and growing into who I am called to be in this life. Often times we can find ourselves being doubtful or even fearful of the call on our lives but we must not waver or be afraid. We must stand firm and strong in the truth that has been confirmed in and through our lives. In spite of the naysayers and folks that are blind or deaf to what the Most High has revealed to us during the time of seeking the Kingdom diligently.

Now more then ever is the time for all to know or begin to know their purpose in life. As we are faced with a world full of darkness, depression, and destruction we must be bold enough to speak, walk, and live in truth. When we allow our lights to shine from within we inevitably bring sunshine, joy, and peace to the earth. We must not take it personally when people falsely accuse us, ridicule us, misunderstand us, or even hate us for no good reason. It is much bigger then you and I. The world is crying out and now is the time! Don’t hold back any longer.

As I prepare for opening day of the SEEK ATL camp I am in-cited for the youth and mentors that I am able to share these moments with. As we aim to build, restore, uplift, and motivate we are charged to plant seeds of hope to the hopeless. Every single person on this earth has a purpose and you could be the one to get someone on the path to rediscovering that which is within and ignite the fire to begin. No more time for uncertainty, for I am certain we were all made for such a time as this…




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