Always a reason to smile☺️😌😁

As I gather myself and my thoughts after now being in Atlanta, Georgia for a good 24hours now… I am overflowing with joy. The next step of my journey will be one that shall put my leadership skills to the test and equip me for future endeavors. I am so thrilled to serve as the assistant site director for SEEK (summer engineering experience for kids) summer camp through NSBE (National society of Black engineers). I have had the pleasure of serving as a lead mentor for the past 3 years and now it’s time to step up a bit a help lead the SEEK ATL all girls program this month.

Two weeks ago we were faced with a stumbling block but that couldn’t hold us back! We have secured a location for our program and are ready to feed into and build the next generation of global leaders and entrepreneurs. I don’t ever take it lightly when I am working with children because they are our future. They will be the ones to lead till the time comes for my generation to pass the torch. We should always be seeking to plant seeds into the young people so that they will grow and flourish like the beautiful flowers and trees they are (and whatever other metaphor you want to use).  I LOVE IT!

So today and each day I smile knowing that I am blessed to have life and breath in my physical body, and that I am connected to Whom grants all life in my spiritual essence. Whether man or woman we all give birth to our thoughts, words, and actions DAILY! Each day is a CHOICE to CHOOSE LIFE! Let’s just say I like it in ABUNDANCE❗️❗️❗️😇



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