Triumphant Tuesday Salvador Edition

It seems that just yesterday I was preparing to board the plane to come to South America, now I am upon my last full day in Brasil and my time here has been nothing short of Heavenly Divine. While here in Brasil I visited Rio De Janeiro and Bahia. Both places were unique in their own way.

Upon preparing to leave Slavador, Bahia I was informed that I was departing on the most important day of the week, Tuesday. Apparently in Salvador Tuesday is the most grand day of the week when people come together and celebrate. During the time of slavery in Slavador our ancestors were not given weekends off so instead they fellowshipped on Tuesdays instead in order to still be able to give honor to God. When I found out this bit of information I was astounded because Tuesday is a special day for me as well as I love giving encouraging messages out on this day particularly. I had no idea the historical reference behind this day prior to visiting Salvador.

So as I sit here in the airport reminiscing and reflecting on this phenomenonal experience on this Triumphant Tuesday I am filled with hope, love, and joy for the future. Sometimes it’s the simple things that goes the longest way. As you wake from your rest, or prepare to close the day may you be welcomed with the power that this day beholds. Now and forevermore.

Happy Triumphant Tuesday✨


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