Choose L.I.F.E.

We have made it to Salvador, Bahia (which is in Brasil). Oh my how beautiful it is here in this place. At one point in time Salvador was the first capital of Brasil, but you know how things change. This place is also where a major slave port was for enslaved Africans during the slave trade. Needless to say this is a huge historical site that holds centuries of our ancestors history of their plight, struggles, and triumphs.

Today we will embark on a walking tour of the city to see the sacred places which have now become known as historical landmarks of the city. It is breathtaking to see so many of my beautiful African brothers and sisters in this place that I was taught throughout grade school and through media only had a certain type of people that only looked a certain type of way. It is a myth folks. Brasil is certainly Black to the core for it is the second largest place that African people dwell, after Africa.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of a place and not see the hardships that created the beauty. In recognizing this we must constantly make the conscious decision to choose L.I.F.E.

Live In Faith Everyday!

It was the faith of our ancestors that allowed generations to survive and it is the faith of the current generation that will propel the youth to thrive.


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