While being vegan abroad

I’ve been vegan now for four and a half months!!! It has been a major shift in my life and truly have seen the benefits. There are places in the US that make being vegan easy and accessible. On the other hand there are places that haven’t quite made that transition smooth I.e. Down south. When I go out to eat with friends who are non vegan I never try to make a big deal on what I will eat because I know that there is always a way to make what’s on the menu work for me. One thing that I have noticed more now being vegan is that Amerika lovesssss cheese. I mean seriously it’s practically in everything. In Brazil they love cheese too but I think they may love meat even more. It hasn’t been too difficult eating here but my options certainly have been more limited then the plethora of options in use to back in DC.

I have had moments where I think “oh it won’t be so bad to have a slice of pizza or some good ‘oL salmon. However, I know at this point my body wouldn’t receive those things well anymore. I noticed how my dietary system has shifted for the better. The common response people give when they find out I’m vegan is “whew isn’t it expensive, I can’t do that” or “I need my protein, there isn’t anything to eat being vegan.” While veganism can be a bit pricy at times especially having been in college my logic is that you can’t put a price on your health and how you feel from within. If folks can spend hundreds on their clothes and material things to help cater to  outward appearance then why is it aloof to mind what we put into our bodies? Is that not of importance to people anymore? I’m not saying that vegan is the only way but it sure has proven to have its benefits. Even if you aren’t vegan there should be care taken in what you allow to enter your body for nourishment. I have noticed that other countries do promote healthier wholistic lifestyles more then the US.

While I am still maneuvering through this vegan lifestyle I find comfort in knowing that there are others out there about this wholistic healthy lifestyle. I am not alone! For now I still take little snacks on my trips just in case because being vegan abroad with little options will have you rethinking the reason you became vegan in the first place.


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