Brazil Bound 🙌🏾✈️🇧🇷


Wowww❗️ The time has finally come. My soul friend and I have been planning our trip to Brazil for some time now. It began with a thought about a year ago and now it has manifested into reality. This will be both our our first time in South America. I had the pleasure of traveling with her In 2013 to Asia and from that moment forth I knew she would make a phenomenal travel  buddy. This is experience will be extremely diverse for myself being that this is the genesis of me traveling independently without a group or organization. I have had a army of prayer warriors pray for us and for divine protection. I know God has already gone before us and made the path clear.

Many may wonder how these travels are possible and I say, “It’s possible with faith and hard work.” A wise man once told me, “nothing worthwhile will ever be easy.” Throughout my last year of undergrad I worked diligently to save and make it possible. I am eternally grateful. I am sure that this experience will yield many opportunities to share and collaborate with brothers and sisters in Brazil in order to gain more connectivity amongst Africans across the diaspora. Seeds shall be planted, trees will be watered, minds expanded and aspirations fulfilled. Until then let me sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.



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