About a week ago… Week ago


My how time moves! It was just yesterday that I was moving into my freshman dorm at Howard and now I’m a week old Alumna. Throughout my matriculation at Howard there were times when I felt like it wasn’t for me and that I should do something else. However, I am grateful for faith, a strong support system, and the will to persevere.

Before I entered college I wrote down a list of things that I wanted to do while at Howard. Amongst the list was travel out of the country every year. I had never been out of the country prior, much less been on a plane. Although I had never traveled anywhere physically I had always had the desire to travel and envisioned myself meeting phenomenonal people, eating great food all across the globe.

Tomorrow I depart for Brazil to reflect on four years of grind, hard work, lessons and growth. This shall be a perfect celebration to receiving my degree about a week ago…week ago.


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