Shoot Your Shot


For some traveling has become an aspiration that seems to be too out of reach and minuscule to life’s daily demands. On the other hand there are others who have been able to make travel a part of their lifestyle for fairly cheap and inexpensive prices. I always tell people that if you desire it, work to make it become your reality. Dreams do come true! As we make our thoughts, words, and actions intentional we give way to true manifestation power. I have been blessed to travel to China, Ghana, South Africa, and Antigua and Barbuda simply because I dared to believe that it all was possible. Each destination has yielded it’s own unique encounters, friendships, excursions, and possibilities.  As I prepare to gear up to travel to Brazil this Sunday for 10 days I am super pumped at what this new journey will unfold for me.

As we all are rediscovering and unleashing our divine purpose here on earth, we must be reminded that we have within us all that we need in order to fulfill our wildest life’s dreams. So no more holding back.



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